Free Stas Gorelik

In the early hours of Wednesday, August 12th, scholarly researcher Stas Gorelik was wrongfully arrested and jailed in Belarus. State security agents, presumably from the Belarusian KGB, entered his apartment, conducted a thorough search and took Stas to jail. As of August 14, Stas has been charged under Article 298 for “mass rioting”.

Stas is a PhD student at George Washington University (GWU). His research is not on Belarus, but rather on other countries. He is a Belarusian citizen who had to return home to Minsk in order to renew his U.S. visa. Unfortunately, U.S. policy changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic prevented him from renewing his visa and returning to Washington to resume his doctoral studies.

The arrest and detention of academic researchers is of great concern to not only friends and family but to the larger academic community. We strongly urge a reconsideration of the circumstances surrounding his arrest, and appeal to the authorities for his immediate and unconditional release.

AUGUST 15 UPDATE (10:00am EST): We can confirm the good news that Stas has been released, but we do not know whether there are any conditions attached to his release. We’ll update with more information, including about possible ways to help, as soon as we can.

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We will update this page as we learn more about the situation.

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